In the last few years, Ashbelya became more specialized in Landscaping, offering a complete landscape design and maintenance services. and in order to provide clients with superior quality landscape designs, we have successfully managed to employ top professional, and skilled experts in the field of landscaping,

The director of the landscaping division is an internationally well-known senior expert with demonstrated, extensive expertise in the fields of landscaping, supported by team of landscape architects, engineers and specialist who can utilize the latest technology in the industry.


Now Ashbelya have the experienced and knowledgeable landscapers and staff that can provided state-of-the-art landscaping design services to meet all clients’ present and future needs. 

Sample Projects

Sample Work

Hardscape & Softscape

2009 | King Abdullah Financial District, Landscape Design

2009 | Jeddah Horse Racing Club

2009 | Alremal Resort

2012 | King Abdullah Financial District, Site Supervision.


2010 | Private Residence

2011 | Private Residence

2012 | Private Residence

Landscape work


Hardscape, in the practice of landscaping

Softscape, in the practice of landscaping